All Day Long Childcare and Education

Go-Yin - 2 to 3 years

Go-Yin is our two year old hub.

This hub has been designed with large learning spaces which can support and accommodate children in their learning choices.  Through offering large learning spaces children are able to take their time to engage with resources without interruption until their learning comes to a natural end.

Go-Yin’s is designed to support, promote and engage children in their development, sense of self, confidence and connection to the world.

Within this hub we see children start to lay the foundations for their understating of their rights, the rights of others and what this looks like in play and social situations.

Go-Yin offer nurturing aspects to their program supporting families with life and independent skills such as toilet training, using cutlery and understanding that each child's voice is powerful and important.

Go-Yin Room

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