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At All Day Long we understand that early years and children’s start in life are the foundations for future life choices and achievements.

We believe in providing a holistic environment which is inspired by Reggio, Steiner and Vygotsky’s approach to learning creating an environment which is familiar, nurturing, challenging and evolving with the children and their interests and growth.

All Day Long understand that learning is happening all the time and children learn best when allowed to be active and involved participants in their own journey.

We look at creating environments for children which support self-identity, confidence and a sense of belonging, whilst allowing time and space to concentrate and observe learning.

At All Day Long we believe in bringing home and life skills into the children’s learning.  Learning happens all the time for every child and bringing these everyday ‘home’ life activities into daily practices which supports and incorporates a range of developmental domains.  Through bringing in natural, homely and open-ended resources children are supported to be creative and imaginative whilst not having their senses over stimulated.

The use of natural resources allows All Day Long to embed a strong foundation to sustainable practices and our impact on the environment, and future of this planet.  We understand the importance of empowering children with knowledge, linking this to their rights and how this links to all aspects of the program and their learning.

All Day Long believe in working in partnership with parents and families and that this is paramount to the child and their learning.

Through the incorporation of this understanding an believe we strive to develop a pedagogy which supports children’s learning and Educators best practice at all times.

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