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Reconciliation Action Plan

All Day Long shares a vision that all Australians embrace and unite with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island peoples and all other Australians.  It is a vision which embraces the nations culture representing equality and equity, acknowledging and accepting our shared historical happenings whilst actively working towards a positive race relation (removing negative attachments).

Reconciliation is something which All Day Long, believes should live within all of us, heart, head, hands and spirit, actioning this throughout all programs and environments so that all Australians can keep moving forward to a strong, respectful nation which embraces all communities together.

All Day Long will represent and address the equality and equitable opportunities throughout the Service and programs offering these educational opportunities and outcomes as an inclusive and diverse workplace that is not only culturally safe, but one which is culturally rich and proud for all Aboriginal, Torres Straight Islanders and Australians.

It is our commitment to embedding respectful ways in which to celebrate, reflect and extend upon an inclusive, cultural acceptance and positive unity throughout our service and company.

All Day Long Childcare and Education acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island peoples as the traditional custodians of this land.  We pay tribute and thank the Wadawurrung people for the land on which we live, work and play.  Throughout the Centre we all take a moment each day to pay this respect to those who have gone before, who stand here today and those who will walk for us in the future.

As a business it is important to us to not only embrace and embed this throughout the service but to demonstrate to all educators, children, families and visitors the importance of positive cultural acknowledgement, inclusion and teachings.  It is this vision which offers a culturally safe space within the workplace and care being offered within All Day Long, Childcare and Education.

Our RAP is designs as a live document which grows and evolves with the Centre and business.  It is a document which holds the vision and values within the vision close to the Centre to ongoingly promote a culturally safe and inclusive program which not only acknowledges but works towards a positive embrace of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders at its core.

Throughout our RAP, we are looking at both what we are currently doing and how this can grow, how educators, children and families are mentored and nurtured with this plan to support a RAP which then progresses from our Centre into the community, feeder schools and extends through families and educators.

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