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Kudjiliyn is our dining room

All Day Long create environments which feel like those who attend have a home away from home feeling, who care and educate children from one large family.  With this in mind, we have a dedicated dining room where the Centre flow in and out progressively throughout the day for their meals, allowing the rooms, sibling and friends to connect to each other.

Through creating a space which allows children to connect, socialise and enjoy further supports a positive and relaxed approach for children enjoy the nutritionally made meals on offer. 

It is in the dining room where life skills such are further supported such as the use of cutlery, washing of hands and pouring their own drinks.  Children are supported and empowered to make choices over their meals being asked how hungry they are, whilst meals are served respectfully to them, as if they were visiting a restaurant.

With the dinging room and kitchen being the heart of the home, it is this warm family feeling which we feel and see within the dinging room at All Day Long.

Dinning Room

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