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We are all in this together

We understanding that it is tough times at the moment, and part of who we are is being there for you and your whole family.

It is not easy suddenly being at home, looking for work or waiting until you ca return to work

It is not easy juggling children’s needs as well as your own work needs and emotional wellbeing

That is what we are about, supporting families and supporting their children.

Covid Temperature Checker

We have a new non-evasive temperature checker that is fun and safe for all of the visitors of All Day Long Childcare.

We are here, We are open
And We are actively taking enrolments.

This means whilst the CPR (Childcare Relief Package) is still in place childcare fees are being partially paid by the government whilst the remaining amount is discounted off – leaving parents nothing to pay.

Now is the time if you were thinking of moving, wanting to change the centre or start childcare where you can take the time to orientate and settle your child, build relationships and join the All Day Long family.

We take COVID-19 very seriously and have been very lucky to be newly opened with low numbers allowing us to continue to embed our hygiene practices throughout the centre, take time to teach and educate the children of these practices and support families throughout this tough and tricky time.

If you are interested then book a tour now, or simply complete our enrolment documents.

For more information download our Coronavirus Management Policy below

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