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Vacation Care Program Term 3 - 2020

All Day Long has is now open for Term 3 Vacation Care. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Week one

Mon 21 Sept; All About me:
Bringing children together, getting to know each other whilst joining in messy, creative and inspiring activities all aimed at getting to know each other, even sharing photos of them as babies.

Tues 22 Sept; Around the world:
Today we will take a trip around the world.  We will take top tips about different countries, enjoy pop quiz games to share knowledge and try foods from other cultures.

Wed 23 Sept; Step up September:
Ready, Set, Go!!! Time to get stepping, with children enjoying different races, obstacle courses and other challenges which get the children moving in a fun filled fitness day.  

Thurs 24 Sept; Thoughtful Thursday:
Taking the time, to still our bodies and minds- today the children will have time to enjoy yoga, mindfulness in meditation, colouring and many more.  Challenging children to create their own Yoga poses, which incorporate their style and interest. 

Fri 25 Sept; Pyjama day:
After a busy week, a fun filled Friday is called upon.  Arrive in pyjamas, before enjoying a day filled with games, a teddy bears picnic (after a bear hunt) followed by popcorn and a movie.

Week two

Mon 28 Sept; Book fantastic:
Celebrating the love of books with a day filled with the magic world which comes from your child’s favourite book.  Share your love with dress up time and face painting fun.

Tues 29 Sept; Fascinating families:
Family history is fascinating, with a day filled with family trees, looking at where we come from and who we’re connected to.  Trying things our great grandparents may have done such as making butter.

Wed 30 Sept; Wacky Wednesday:
Wear wacky bright coloured clothes, with a side of crazy hair.  Today is all about bright, wacky fun, with a colour run, explosive experiments and wacky food combinations 

Thurs 1 Oct; Our time our space:
Understanding it is the children’s time and space, supports children’s connection to the land and community.  Today we will connect to the land with gardening, fun, Indigenous based fun and explore Australia further 

Fri 2 Oct; Fun filled finale:
Our last day will be filled with disco, dancing and party games.  Today will be all about partying away, getting our dancing moves go, holding a talent show and partying the day away.

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