All Day Long Childcare and Education

Yurn - 4 to 6 years

Yurn is our kindergarten room

Our Kinder room is a holistic and sustainable environment which offers children opportunity to support their emerging learning dispositions and skills.  It is these dispositions and skills that children then amalgamate to provide a strong foundation for becoming a lifelong learner.

The opportunities on offer within the Kinder room allow children to start to think and reflect critically about themselves, their actions and their connections to the world in which they live and grow.  Building upon these skills with knowledge, information and skills allow children to start on their journey as informed, proactive global citizens, which support best outcomes for them later in life.

Our Kinder program takes the time to support children consolidating the knowledge and skills learnt previously whilst scaffolding them onto the next step in their child guided learning journey, to be school ready.

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