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Ngurr-Ngurr - 3 to 5 years

Ngurr-Ngurr is our three year old room

Ngurr-Ngurr, offers a holistic, natural and sustainable learning space where children are supported to deepen their growing understanding of their rights, and the reciprocal rights of others.  Through this children have the opportunity to connect to each other, themselves and their understanding of their own emotions, resilience as well as cause and effect actions.

This environment supports and scaffold children's learning through an opened, child guided approach which evolves organically.  With the use of loose parts, children are able to direct and transform their own opportunities by the use of the environment around them.

Through this program, children are supported to further their understanding and connection to the world, community and each other.  This is seen with the children’s sense of self, relationships with others and self-confidence being supported and scaffolded with the room, program and environment.

Ngurr-Ngurr Room

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