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Mon.Garrk - Sensory room

Mon.Garrk is our sensory room

It is a space designed to nurture and support children through challenging emotions and to guide them in regulating these feelings.

Mon.Garrk offers a dark, quiet and calming space for children with activities that aim to calm the senses, re-regulate emotions and provide a sense of security to children of all ages when they are experiencing big feelings.

Mon.Garrk creates this sensory environment through the addition of soft climbing equipment, a ball pit, some ride on scooters, bouncy balls of various sizes, and much more.  The design of this room is aimed for all aged within the centre.

By offering this space for the children to utilise each day, it provides a sense of calm and security for all children and an escape from their room on busy and rainy days.

Mon.Garrk Sensory Room

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