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Mine is our cooking program

Understand where food comes from, how it is used, what it tastes like and developing a love of food are all important aspects for children.  Through our cooking program children engage with food on different levels, using all their sense’s whilst extending upon their fine motor skills and use of tool.

Children of all ages get the opportunity to participate in the cooking program, with a fun sensory focus occurring for the younger children and the older ones extending upon vocabulary, knowledge and skills to prepare and cook afternoon tea for the whole All Day Long family.

Our cooking program is another aspect which supports a hoe away from home approach, which encourages children to think and connect to the community which they are directly engaged with.  This also offers further opportunities for the children to develop awareness of other children's needs such as allergies, preferences and likes.

It is this cooking program which supports children in their positive approach to food, reducing anxiety to the approach of foods, by engaging each person with these opportunities.

Cooking Program

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