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How to find the right Centre for you and your child

Step 1

First think about what is important to you in the care and education your child receives – make a list of what you are looking for; 

  • Are you looking for a natural and sustainable orientated Centre important?
  • A Centre who values family input or actively listens to the child’s voice and therefore rights as a priority
  • A Centre with a great holistic program which connects to the land and sees the whole child what you are looking for?
  • Relationships could be the key for you and your family

Step 2

Now you know what’s important, take the time to look at Centre’s social media and websites. Through their photos, information you should start to see key elements of what is important to you.  

  • Here is where you pick 3 to visit – from the moment you book a tour you should be made to feel welcomed, supported and informed as much as possible.

Step 3

On your tours, ensure you ask the questions which are on your mind.  Talk to the educators about what is important to you and your little one.  Tours should be detailed and informative, not just about your littles ones age but also of what is to come

  • This is where those relationships really start to form and support your decision on who you want to care for your little one.  See whether they are paying attention to you, your needs and are informative in their answers.

Step 4

How did you feel when on the tour?  Did you feel comfortable, did you feel acknowledged and supported?  If these are the feeling you recognised on your tour, it is a Centre which you should consider.  

  • Feeling comfortable and at ease is important not only for you but also your child.  Children are amazing at reading your body language and picking up your feeling and emotions so your feeling of ease and comfort will in turn support your child with building relationships with the educators as well

Step 5

Now is the time to reflect and enroll.  After your tours you will know which is the right fit for you, the Centre who you have connected with, whose practice embed what is important to you, and more importantly the one where you feel comfortable to leave you child.

  • Reflect upon which hold your values, share your vision for you child and want to connect and form a great relationship with both you and your child
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